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Pamper Yourself to the Best At-Home Facial Possible!

Soothe and hydrate your skin with our powerful SOS Booster Mask! This sheet mask is formulated to deeply nourish and restore the skin with rich ingredients including Niacinamide (vitamin B3), peony extract and fermented black tea(Kombucha) to even out skin tone and boost radiance, as well as Nano Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol (vitamin B5) to create a moisturised and supple texture. This mask also contains centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) extract to soothe and is gentle to the most sensitive of skin types. It is made without any harsh additives such as parabens or fragrances and is also essential oil free, leaving you to apply easily and await effective, transformative results. With each pouch containing 25mls of hydrating serum, soak your skin with our concentrated, restorative mask today.

"Look at how dewy + plumped my skin is after just one use of the SOS paper mask ◕‿◕✿ 5 stars definitely"

- Lisa Lee

Protects skin from environmental stress

It is specially formulated with ectoin to protect skin from the damaging effects of environmental stress like harsh weather conditions, air pollution, and blue light.

Improves the skin's natural barrier and helps lock in moisture

It also contains honey extract which is a natural humectant, meaning it improves skin’s natural barrier and helps lock in moisture to the skin.

Restores skin's elasticity and keeps it hydrated all day long

This silky-smooth cream keeps skin hydrated all day long and helps to restore the skin's elasticity.

Highlight Ingredients 

Skinationship Blend

Ectoin and Hyaluronic acid work together to combat the damaging effects of environmental stress like harsh weather conditions, air pollution, 

Vitamin B5 

Attracts and retains moisture to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Skin will feel plum and smooth with increased elasticity.


Niacinamide or vitamin B3 is found naturally in your skin and helps to maintain your skin’s natural barrier and can help to reduce skin sensitivity. 

Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract

Also known as Japanese Bloodgrass, this subtropical plant contains osmoprotective compounds which draw moisture into skin cells through intracellular osmosis.

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