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Aloha, Welcome to Herb’sOil

Meet Tata and Vriko, the driving force and north stars of our brand - two best friends who founded Herbs'Oil in Hawaii. They were both exhausted in the search for "miracle" products to solve their sensitive skin and hair loss issues. 

As social media and digital consumerism permeate ever more deeply into our lives, we have been exposed to unrealistic expectations for how we should look. 

 Herb'sOil was born with a singular concept: to create gentle yet powerful wellness products for our community. We aim to use a fun and positive approach to educate people on rebuilding a healthy relationship with their body and mind .#skinationship

Pause for the hustle and bustle and Breathe ALOHA with Herb'sOil.

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Meet Nourwish

Our journey began with a vision to create a hair care brand that transcends conventional products. Developed by a team of hair loss practitioners, our formulations integrate the power of both natural ingredients and clinically proven solutions, supported by comprehensive research. Understanding the frustration of finding effective yet lightweight products for fine hair, our goal is to offer potent solutions promoting a healthy scalp while adding strength, volume, and vitality to each strand. At Nourwish, we've tailored our solutions to meet the unique needs of fine hair, embodying the essence of "Fine Hair, Fine-Tuned Care".


users agree that the shampoo can help with hair loss reduction and feel that hair is stronger


users find that they have more volume in hair and experience less hair loss upon using Scalp Retreat Regenerating Shampoo

10K +

Hair Sets Sold amongst our Nourwish Community and high percentage of return purchases

Our Hair, Our History

We believe that hair is a source of confidence and self-expression. Those with fine hair and hair loss concerns have unique needs that we have embarked on a mission to meet. 

Experience the transformative power of nourwish® as we help you nourish your hair and elevate your confidence. Lets reach the full potential of your fine hair, one weightless solution at a time.  


nourwish® products are made to restore scalp health, balance oil sebum production, and add volume without weighing down your delicate strands. 

Cruelty free & 100% free from harmful chemicals, SLS, SLES and Parabens - Our products are only tested on fine-haired humans, not animals.
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